Loyalty Summit NYC Speakers

June 6, 2019 | Sofitel New York
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David Feldman - Conference Chair

Airline & Hotel Loyalty Expert

Luc Bondar

Vice President, Loyalty, United Airlines

Mark Nasr

Vice President, Loyalty & eCommerce, Air Canada

Jeff Foland

President and CEO, The Parking Spot

Efrem Berman

Vice President, Global Loyalty, Radisson Hotel Group

Corbitt Burns

Director, Loyalty, Partnerships and Payment Products, Southwest Airlines

Eleni Bastas Tikkanen

Senior Director, Loyalty Program Management and Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World

Bob Behrens

Former Vice President, Loyalty Marketing, Marriott Rewards

Chad Swarthout

CEO, Alectrona

Frederik Cyrus Roeder

Managing Director, Consumer Choice Center

Rob MacLean

CEO and Founder, Points International

Maria Semykoz

EMEA Lead, Organisational Agility & Transformation, Gallup

Albert Lee

CTO, Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation

Edmundas Balcikonis

CEO, Eddy Travels

Jonathan Nouri

Global Head, Hilton Honors, Hilton

Riccardo Masucci

Global Director of Privacy Policy, Intel Corporation

David Winterstein

Co-Founder & CEO, Velocia

Ryan Khurana

Technology Policy Advocate

Kristin Møllerplass

Head of Loyalty and Engagement, Norwegian

David Canty

Founder & Principal, Gen-Z Loyalty

Carolyn Corda

Chief Marketing Officer, ADARA, Inc.

Don Sheluga

Vice President, Product & Strategy, Augeo FI

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