Loyalty Summit London

September 19, 2019 | The May Fair

Where Loyalty Leaders Meet

The Loyalty Summit is Europe’s first dedicated event of its kind and is where loyalty leaders across the world meet to network and discuss technology solutions, issues and opportunities facing loyalty programs.

The Loyalty Summit is conversational in nature and maintains a focus on strategic executive discussions. The sessions are moderated by executives, also leaders of their respective programs, who challenge the panelists on the issues and opportunities facing loyalty programs today.

As technology and solutions continue to evolve, we are also pleased to offer the stage to selected business innovators who will share their opinions on the outlook for our industry, by highlighting some of the new solutions available that drive our industry forward.

Networking and Learning


Meet and mingle

Meet and mingle with decision makers and program leaders of Europe’s largest programs.


Learn about current trends, future opportunities, and developments according to Europe’s loyalty leaders in our panels.

Supplier/partner sessions

Learn about industry innovations from our supplier/partner sessions.


Network with other loyalty professionals.

If you want to build relationships with travel program leaders like airlines and hotels, learn more about travel industry loyalty program trends, challenges, or case studies, then this event is for you!


The Loyalty Summit will take place on September 19, at the May Fair London.

When you purchase a ticket to the Loyalty summit, you also receive entrance to the Frequent Travelers Awards program and dinner which is otherwise invite only.

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