Our 2024 Loyalty Summit conference theme of “Beyond Loyalty” encourages you to embark on a journey of strategic discovery. Immerse yourself in two days of insightful keynotes, engaging panel discussions, and hands-on workshops where travel loyalty professionals converge to explore the forefront of customer engagement. Thinking “Beyond Loyalty” allows us to transcend the ordinary, offering a platform where industry leaders share innovative strategies and visionary insights to propel your programs into the future of loyalty marketing. Secure your spot today and begin your journey beyond the conventional.

This year’s Summit theme of Beyond Loyalty is expressed in our four conference tracks:

Track 1. Beyond Technology: Exploring the Future of Loyalty Solutions
JOURNEY into the future of marketing innovation by navigating the nexus of loyalty and emerging technology.

Track 2. Beyond Programs: Navigating the Future of Customer Relationships
EMBARK on a transformative exploration of loyalty strategies that will evolve beyond traditional programs.

Track 3. Beyond Status: Strengthening Bonds with Best Customers
ELEVATE your loyalty strategy by discovering the secrets to cultivating lasting bonds, personalized experiences, and unparalleled service that will set your brand apart.

Track 4. Beyond Transactions: Discovering the Future of Customer Engagement
IMMERSE your brand in strategies that transcend mere transactions to create memorable and lasting connections with frequent travelers.

Join us at Loyalty Summit 2024 in London for two days of senior-level discussions and networking. We’ll be announcing our full agenda and roster of travel loyalty leaders in the coming days. Until then, please explore the agenda of Loyalty Summit 2023. We’ll see you in London!

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We’re very pleased to announce our Loyalty Summit 2024 Chairperson: Harald Deprosse. The former Managing Director for Lufthansa’s Miles & More program, Harald brings a wealth of experience in the travel loyalty space to his role as Summit Chair. Welcome aboard, Harald!

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The Loyalty Summit is where loyalty leaders across the world meet to network and discuss technology solutions, issues and opportunities facing loyalty programs. This event is truly the "safe space" for the travel loyalty community. Now more than ever, we all need to discuss and develop plans to implement effective programs in 2023 and beyond.